The following six Catnip cartoon strips were never published, until they reached the web:

Game Break
Playing around on a Sunday.

Hairy Situation
Fine dining never tasted so ... frizzy?

Watering Hole
What makes house plants come to life? Click the thumbnail to find the answer.

He Said, It Said
I'd like to think that most of my cartoons are somewhat humorous if you understand my brand of humor. This one is a fine example.

Meet The Gullstones
Ok ... I take that last comment back. This is a perfect example of my brand of humor

Meet Cosmic
The first Catnip strip to introduce the character Cosmic was done in 1994, set in a college dorm. But it was not funny. So, I created this more humorous "Meet Cosmic" strip in 1997.

The following Catnip cartoon strips were published in The Daily News at Ball State University during my junior and senior years, 1994-95:

Mommy's Little Angel
Leaving home for college with something important on the mind.

Stress And A Haircut
Facing the financial woes experienced in college.

Capital Punishment
Did you know that being stoned to death was one of the earliest forms of Capital Punishment? Take a seat in a Criminal Justice classroom with Cosmic to find out more.

I Love You, Mother
Pay attention parents! This may be the oldest trick in the book.

Mail From Mom
What's the best thing your mother can send you while you're in college? (Note: Care baskets not included, but they rock.)

Cosmic Catering
Cosmic is always experimenting. Even in the kitchen. Come see what he's cooked up.

Don't Forget Your Goggles
A bitter sweet first taste of the college party scene.

Freud Knows Best
Meet the psychology professor, Dr. Humming-Byrd, a Freud fanatic that can't teach a class without making Freud references. Dr. Humming-Byrd was based on an actual professor of mine named Dr. Humm, right down to the hairline, gestures, posture, and matter-of-factness teaching method.

Freud Knows Sex
Making the grade in psychology class means discovering the true meaning behind Freud's theories.

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