Benson & Jenson By Dan Swenson (the full title) was published in the Marion High School Survey newspaper during my junior year, 1989-90.

Back To School
This strip was my first published cartoon. It's purpose: To mock the attitude of many students that had hoped life would be easy with a new principal. We were indeed wrong.

No Pass, No Play
Students were not allowed to play sports if they failed a class. This policy, fairly new at the time, created some drama.

Hanging Out
What is there to do on a weekend night for a high school kid in a small Indiana city? Answer: Not much. Not much of any good either.

Smokin' In The Boys Room
Two places in our high school were notorious for their smokers.

Hangin' Tough
There were two phases many (but not all of course) girls went through back in my time. For middle school: Cabbage Patch Kids. For high school it was New Kids On The Block.

Nightmare On 26th Street
Yet another example of the strict rules set for students under the new administration. With a little exaggeration of course.

Get A Room
Do you remember that couple that always swapped spit in the hallway between classes? Were you one of those couples? Take a trip down memory lane with this retro (meaning not colorized or enhanced) Benson & Jenson by Dan Swenson cartoon.

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